Examples for practice

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Healthy Enjoyable Sociable Eating at ‘The Willows.’

A short video produced by Galway Childcare Committee with the staff and children of The Willows Nursery in Abbeyknockmoy, Co Galway. This short video explores seed to plate; how the children and staff have developed their outdoor area to include planting, growing, harvesting and serving their own food. The early years’ educators are passionate about outdoor learning and caring for the environment and share their knowledge with the children in their everyday experiences. Their ethos of empowering children to ensure a healthy attitude to nutrition, enjoyable healthy eating and exercise is both inspiring and evident.

‘Outdoor Ethos’

Sharon Skehill is a service provider of both Early Years and School Age Childcare services. In this video Sharon presents on the ‘Outdoor Ethos’ in her services. ‘The Willows’ is an Outdoor registered Preschool and Afterschool service while her nursery caters for children from birth to 3yrs old. Sharon presents on the role of each adult in the planning and implementation of the Emergent curriculum in her services.

Kevin Dundon

“Celebrity chef Kevin Dundon provides a cookery demonstration with an emphasis on the fun and enjoyment of food; seed-to-plate and family-style-dining. Kevin provides 4 delicious easy recipes that are suitable to cook with children of all ages”

Dominika Bacikova

Dominika Bacikova, graduate in BA Early Childhood Studies and Practice NUI Galway shares her findings from her final year project; ‘Nutrition and Eating Habits in Early Years Services in Ireland’ linking theory to practice, sharing research to underpin healthy nutrition practice in Early Years settings, with a particular focus on Family Style Dining and Rolling Snacktimes.

Dr. Brian Power

In this video presentation Dr. Brian Power, Sligo IT, discusses ‘Being Food Smart’. He provides ideas to make mealtimes a more sociable and enjoyable experience for infants and toddlers. He supports parents and Early Years Providers to understand different feeding and eating challenges.

Dr Colette Kelly

Dr Colette Kelly NUI Galway links theory to practice, sharing research and ideas to support healthy nutrition practice in Early Years settings, with tips to share with parents on ‘fussy eating’, creating enjoyable, sociable eating experiences, with a particular focus on the experience of children aged 0-3.

Michael Kelly

TV personality Michael Kelly, founder of Grow It Yourself (GIY), presents on ‘How Food Grows’ with lots of practical tips and tricks on growing food with young children, and with emphasis on seasonal growing, taste and sustainability.

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