Workplace Relations Commission (WRC)

The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) was established on 1 October 2015 under the Workplace Relations Act 2015. It took over the functions of the National Employment Rights Authority, the Labour Relations Commission and the Director of the Equality Tribunal. It also took over some of the functions of the Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT). However, the appeal functions of the EAT were transferred to the Labour Court, which is now the single appeal body for all workplace relations appeals.

The main functions of the WRC are to:

- Promote the improvement of workplace relations, and maintenance of good workplace relations
- Promote and encourage compliance with the relevant laws
- Provide guidance in relation to compliance with codes of practice
- Conduct reviews of, and monitor developments as respects, workplace relations
- Conduct or commission relevant research and provide advice, information and the findings of research to Joint Labour Committees and Joint Industrial Councils
- Advise the Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation in relation to the application of, and compliance with, relevant laws
- Provide information to the public in relation to employment laws other than the Employment Equality Act (information about this Act is provided by the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission)

Inspection Service

The Inspection Services (formerly operated by NERA) monitor employment conditions to ensure the compliance and enforcement of employment rights legislation. They also carry out inspections and gather information in relation to other employment laws. For example, employees or interested parties may ask for an inspection in relation to the protection of young people in employment. You can read more in the document on employment rights legislation inspection and compliance below:


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