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Survey for ELC & SAC Staffing Crisis and Training Needs

The team here at Galway Childcare Committee are very aware of the challenges you are faced with due to the staff recruitment and retention crisis that has been ongoing, particularly this past couple of years. Equally, we know how these challenges are also affecting families trying to access childcare. With that in mind, we would like to plan for an event in the coming months that we hope will attract professionals to the early learning and care and school age sector in Galway City and County. To ensure that this event will be successful, we really need your help with information.

Please note the following surveys are voluntary, however GCC would greatly appreciate your feedback on the key issues impacting the Early Learning and Care and School Age Sector in Galway City and County: 

Service Provider Survey – The Impact of the Staffing Crisis in the ELC and SAC Sector in Galway City & County. GCC will use the findings from this survey to report on the impact of the staffing crisis on the ELC and SAC services in Galway City and County

Service Provider Link to Survey:
Staff Survey - ELC & SAC Further Education & Training Needs Analysis Survey for Galway City & County.  GCC will use the findings from this survey to inform local and national further education training providers of the training needs of staff and potential students in the ELC and SAC sector in Galway City and County. 

Staff Link to Survey:  
**We would greatly appreciate it if you could also forward the ‘Staff survey’ link to your staff, this will allow for a wider response to the questions asked.

**Please note that we have parents contacting us on a daily basis seeking childcare and will always appreciate you notifying us of any spaces that may become available in your service.

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