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Active Play Campaign

HSE Health Promotion & Improvement in partnership with Galway CYPSC Early Years Committee and a range of stakeholders are working together on a campaign over the next few months to support children 0-1 years to meet the recommended physical activity guidelines.  

Babies need lots of opportunities everyday for free movement (with supervision) to help their growth and development.

It is important that the amount of time a baby is not active is limited to no more than an hour at a time except when they are sleeping. This includes time spent awake in car seats, bouncer, walkers and buggies. It is best to place your baby in a flat pram for the first 6 months. For more ideas and information to support active play for babies please see Active Play Every Day Leaflet & Cards and visit
  • Active Play Campaign :  Message 1. Let's Move and Play Everyday - I love to kick my feet and wriggle.

Check out this video "Active Play Campaign"
  • Active Play Campaign -  Message 2. Let's Move and Play Everyday - I don’t need fancy toys. My favourite thing to do is play with you.

Check out this video "Active Play Campaign"

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