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PIP announcement 06/04/2018

Please click on link below for details in relation to the AIM resource packs that will be delivered to ECCE pre-school settings from Monday next, 9th April 2018.  
- AIM Inclusive Play Pack

For more information on this pack please click the following link:

Resources in AIM Inclusive Play include:
  • All Kinds of Feelings/All Kinds of People Books
  • Audible Ball
  • AIM Early Years ‘My Day’ Fan
  • Creating Sensory Play for Little on No Cost / Hey! Children on the Autism Spectrum Play Too Books
  • Dancing Ribbons
  • Dark Den Cube/Pop Up Den
  • Disc o' Sit/Movin Sit
  • Emotions Poster
  • Grimms House / Grimms Rainbow
  • Jumbo Tweezers
  • Kinetic Sand
  • Laptop Tray
  • Massage Set
  • Recordable Answer Buzzer
  • Large Timer
  • 5 Mini Timers
  • Sockette Puppet
  • See Me Sensory Ball
  • Sensory Bubble Hourglass
  • Sensory Reflective Blanket
  • Squigz
  • Strobe Bar
  • Tactile Ball
  • Teeter Popper
  • Therapy Putty
  • Time Timer
  • Traffic Light Fan
  • Warmie Weighted Sensory Friend

If you have any questions or enquiries about our services, click the following link to contact us today