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What is a childminder?

A Childminder cares for a small group of children of mixed ages in the childminder’s own home.

Children are offered affection and positive relationships within a safe and healthy environment where their developmental and recreational needs are met. Childminders offer a flexible service, tailored to each child, thereby helping parents and guardians to balance their work and family commitments. A Childminder negotiates and agrees her/his terms with parents. The child’s welfare must be the prime consideration of the Childminder. Childminders have sole responsibility for the health, safety and wellbeing of each child entrusted to their care.     

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Benefits of becoming a childminder

If you enjoy working with children, why not consider becoming a Childminder?
Childminding can offer you an opportunity to: 
Earn a living by caring for other people’s children in your own home
Become self-employed
Offer the National Childcare Scheme (NCS)
Stay at home and care for your own children as well as caring for others
Avail of the Childcare Services Relief with Revenue
Avail of information, networking and training supports from your local City / County Childcare Committee (CCC)
Access the Childminding Development Grant and other funding opportunities
Meet other Childminders in your area and get to know your local community 

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The National Action Plan for Childminding (2021-2028) has now been launched.

The overall objective of this Action Plan is to improve access to high quality affordable early learning and care and school-age childcare through childminding. To do this, the action plan sets out an incremental and supportive pathway to regulation. This will enable more childminders to access Government subsidies, making their services more affordable to parents. It will also enable them to access a variety of supports to assist them in meeting regulatory and quality requirements.

The new childminding webpage www.gov.ie/childminding is now live. On the website you can find the following information;
  • National Action Plan for Childminding (2021 to 2028)  Click here for more information
  • Information for childminders on the National Action Plan for Childminding (2021 to 2028)
  • Information for parents on the National Action Plan for Childminding (2021 to 2028)
  • Covid Guidance
  • Link to National Action Plan for Childminding (2021 to 2028) Facebook page

Facebook page on NAPC - Click here
NAPC video GA - Click Here - Click here

If you are a childminder or are interested in becoming a childminder, Galway Childcare Committee provides a number of supports such as network and training events, setting up your service, policies and procedures as well as funding opportunities and ongoing support.
Under the Child Care (Pre-school Services) Regulations 2016 a childminding service is described as “"Childminding Service” means a pre-school service, offered by a person who single-handedly takes care of pre-school children which may include the person’s own children, in the person’s home for a total of more than 2 hours per day”.

Childminders registered with Tusla are subject to inspection under the Child Care (Pre-school Services) Regulations 2016.  A childminder can care for no more than 5 preschool children in his/her home at any given time. This includes the childminders own early years children, unless the childminder is applicable to the exceptions for childminders. No more than two of the children can be under the age of 15 months (except where the children are siblings) including the childminders own children.
 Childminders may avail of Childminder Development Grants.  
  • Please contact  a Development Officer at Galway Childcare Committee for further information.
  • Childminders can also avail of training from Galway Childcare Committee.
To find out more about Childminding Sample Polices Procedures and statements from Tusla, please click the following link: To view the Tusla Quality and Regulatory Framework (QRF), please click the following link:  Childminding Ireland offer information and group insurance. www.childminding.ie
If you would like to have your childminding service details added to our website, please contact us on 091 752039 or email childminding@galwaychildcare.com .


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