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Governing means running an organisation or service, especially exercising control and authority over it, to ensure the service provided is a good service. With the recent recession and banking scandals, governing or governance has been in the news. People are asking who was running the institutions and how did those people that governed these institutions let them run up such huge debt? Where was the supervision and the oversight? Those who govern in all walks of life, such as childcare and care of other vulnerable groups, are charged with ensuring that their services are properly run and that scandalous behavour as outlined in the 'Breach of Trust' programme related to childcare and the Prime Time expose related to the care of adults with intellectual disabilities are not allowed to happen. People rightly ask where was the governance? Who was running this service and how was this allowed to happen?  Governor's must work to ensure the highest quality of service provision and compliance with best standards and legal obligations. 


This section of the website seeks to offer guidance and support to people who govern community childcare services in Galway and to those who support them. To this end the most relevant guidance has been put together in a 'Director's Handbook. Click for the Code of Conduct - Governance /uploadedfiles/files/Code of Conduct - Governance.pdf   If you require training for your management committee/directors please contact us so this can be arranged. 



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