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Any Childminders or persons thinking of childminding, who would like to request a support visit, please phone 091 752039 or email mail@galwaychildcare.com.

Galway Childcare Committee Development Officers support childminders or potential childminders in offering a quality service to parents and their children. The Galway Childcare Committee has a number of resources that can help with this. Contact mail@galwaychildcare.com or 091 752039 now for a starter pack and any further information. 


If you are interested in setting up as a Childminder, minding children in your own home, and would be interested in further information or to receive our Starter Pack, please contact one of the Development Officers on 091 752039.  There may also be funding available for childminders from time to time and any of our Development Officers would be happy to discuss this with you further.

Quality Awareness Programme 

Childminders are welcome to attend the Quality Awareness Programme. It is a 12 hour introductory course to Childminding. Please contact any of our Development Officers if you would like to book in for this training on 091 752039.


Tusla (formerly HSE) registered Childminders are eligible to apply for the ECCE Programme.  For further information on the criteria please contact one of the Development Officers on 091 752039.



Do you have a Child Protection Policy in place? Click here for a sample copy.

Do you have fairies in your garden or in your house?  Why not try making a fairy house? It's a great way to get the children out in nature gathering up materials!

Here is a useful link for making them!  Have fun!   http://www.itsybitsyfun.com/blog/natural-toilet-paper-roll-fairy-house

The Aistear Siolta Practice Guidelines has some useful ideas for childcare workers and a Treasure Basket is a fun way to get the birth - 18month olds exploring natural and everyday items. 

What is a Treasure Basket?
A Treasure Basket is a low-sided basket or box filled with natural and everyday items which babies can explore by themselves. They can have lots of fun investigating the different items which helps them expand their thinking.  Babies enjoy playing with treasure baskets from when they are able to sit up onwards.
The Treasure Basket can be used indoors and outdoors.

Choose a low-sided, stable wicker basket (10 to 13 cm). While a wicker basket is best as it enhances the sensory experience, a low-sided, stable cardboard box can also be used.
• Fill it to the very top with a large selection of items (see page 2). The number of items will depend on the size of the basket, but it could be 30-40 items.
• Ensure a variety of textures with minimal use of plastic.
• Ensure all items are large enough not to be a choking hazard.
• Make sure all items are clean.

For a list of items that would be suitable for the baskets, please click here

For some other activity ideas see:  



Please click here to see an example of good practice from a childminder


Childminders work without peer support within the physical workplace, but can access others in their profession through the Galway Childcare Committee's Childminder Network Meetings. Childminders, who work alone, come along to liaise with other like-minded individuals to swap stories and questions and benefit from each other's experience.

The aim of Childminders' Network Meetings is to share information and expertise in relation to supporting and improving quality childminding. As well as providing a mechanism for peer support, the network meetings also assist the Galway Childcare Committee in identifying training needs and gaps, which can be served by the Committee. In addition, relevant training workshops are regularly facilitated at these meetings.

Please support your local network. If there are any issues you would like to put on the agenda for the next meeting, please contact Galway Childcare Committee at 091 752039.


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